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Investing in cheap cryptocurrencies to take advantage of upcoming bullish trends can be smart. Lower-priced tokens typically exhibit great potential and offer investors affordable entry points into the market.

As such, Insidebitcoins regularly compiles a list of the top affordable cryptocurrencies priced under a dollar for investors to consider. These tokens show strong use cases and potential that position them for a rally.

The 5 best cheap cryptocurrencies to buy now for less than 1 dollar

Below is a curated selection of 5 digital assets priced under $1, designed for investors looking for affordable yet promising crypto options. These tokens represent potential game-changers for investors searching the market for affordable altcoins with high potential. With altcoins in the green zone, Bitcoin ETF They have accumulated $10 billion in assets under management (AUM). This comes just a month after approval.


The TRON ecosystem continues to expand rapidly, surpassing 211 million total accounts worldwide. Despite its relatively low profile, TRX shows significant growth potential. Tron was trading between 0.12 and 0.13 cents. However, in recent weeks TRX price has risen above 0.1 cents, indicating potential for further increases. Transitioning to TRX’s current price trajectory, it is evident that TRX is trading in bullish territory. As such, it is approaching the upper trend line around $0.13.

In this sense, an advance at this level could catalyze a significant rebound. Recent price movements confirm an uptrend, suggesting favorable conditions for buyers and potential momentum in the coming sessions. Furthermore, TRX price is also above key Fibonacci levels, reinforcing its bullish outlook.

TRX price chart

Furthermore, TRON has shown resilience, recovering decisively and regaining a bullish stance. In recent weeks, it has risen steadily, driven by demand and accumulation. With TRX price indicating a possible rally towards $0.13 and trading above significant moving averages, it further supports its bullish momentum.

Transitioning to TRON’s performance over the past year, its uptrend suggests the potential to reach new highs. TRX has gradually risen, with gains of 5.98% in the last week and the last month. Furthermore, it grew by 14.52% in the last three months and showed an increase of 60.80% in the previous six months. Year-to-date, TRX is up 15.35%, reflecting steady growth.

2. Python Network (PYTH)

Since its recent listing on Binance, Pyth Network has gained over 11%. With the current bullish trend, PYTH’s performance indicates that the bullish momentum will continue as investor interest grows. Meanwhile, PYTH maintains a solid performance on the market scene. This indicates a strong market statement as the coin offers substantial returns to investors.

PYTH price chart

Over the past 30 days, Pyth Network has experienced 20 green days, indicating a consistent upward trend in its price movement. With high liquidity based on its market capitalization, PYTH is well positioned for potential returns.

Furthermore, market sentiment around PYTH remains bullish. Similarly, the greed score of 70 reflects positivity, suggesting market activity and potential for continued price appreciation.

3. Nexus (NEXO)

The current sentiment around Nexo price prediction seems bullish. This sentiment drives trading activity as the Fear & Greed index sits at 70. Today, Nexo is trading at $0.961964, up 0.90% in the last 24 hours. As a result, the market capitalization has increased to $535,388,175, ranking 109th. In particular, the trading volume has increased by 44.91% to $3,486,984.

Analyzing Nexo’s performance, the price is currently significantly higher by 85.99% from its cycle low. Over the past year, Nexo has seen a notable 34% price rise, outperforming 60% of the top 100 coins. Furthermore, Nexo is trading above its 200-day simple moving average, indicating positive momentum.

NEXO Price Chart

When comparing its current price with the token’s sale price, Nexo shows a positive performance trajectory. In the last 30 days, Nexo has experienced 15 green days, which represents 50% of the total days. This profit-filled period suggests consistent positive price movements that traders can take advantage of. Furthermore, Nexo is trading near its cycle high, indicating potential bullish momentum.

Additionally, Nexo is actively listed on Binance, contributing to its liquidity and accessibility to investors. Therefore, Nexo’s recent performance indicates positive price momentum and investor sentiment. This is supported by its trading patterns, volume increase, and outperformance compared to other crypto assets.

4. VeChain (FP)

Vechain has recently been on a partnership spree, increasing its price significantly. In particular, it has partnered with Boston Consulting Group to integrate blockchain technology in the textile sector, with the aim of driving sustainability transformations.

Similarly, VeChain has partnered with XCMG Group to address carbon footprint management in construction. This collaboration aims to facilitate more sustainable operations. Furthermore, these partnerships represent important steps towards achieving a circular economy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

FP Price Chart

Additionally, VeChain users can now manage VET and VTHO tokens using Ledger hardware wallets. This emphasizes the strengthening of security measures for portfolio management. Therefore, this integration reflects VeChain’s dedication to the security of users’ assets.

Adding to these positive developments, sentiment around VeChain’s price prediction remains neutral, with holders projecting an uptrend. However, greed indicates a greed level of 70, as buyers want to upgrade their portfolio with the currency.

VeChain’s current trading position is 19.7% above the 200-day SMA, suggesting an uptrend. Additionally, with high liquidity backed by its market capitalization and the availability of Binance, VeChain continues to attract investor interest.

5. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)

Bitcoin Minetrix offers entry for investors looking for an ideal mining experience. Traditional barriers to mining such as high hardware costs and frequent scams disappear with the introduction of this innovative cloud mining platform. Gone are the days of high initial investments; Bitcoin Minetrix offers a low-cost entry point during its pre-sale phase. There is no minimum purchase requirement, democratizing accessibility for everyone, regardless of financial capabilities.

One of the standout features of Bitcoin Minetrix is ​​its commitment to security. Traditional cloud mining services require cash deposits. In contrast, Bitcoin Minetrix operates a decentralized model in which users own tradable tokens. Therefore, this safeguards the interests of users and encourages transparency.

Additionally, the platform prioritizes user autonomy and flexibility, allowing mined cryptocurrencies to be easily withdrawn and sold. This is in stark contrast to the rigid contracts and lack of refund options in traditional cloud mining setups.

Simplicity is key with Bitcoin Minetrix; Traders can easily purchase mining credits using cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BNB, and USDT. Likewise, investors can use credit cards and stake their BTCMTX tokens to start mining. This simplified approach eliminates the complexities associated with traditional cloud mining contracts.

Additionally, Bitcoin Minetrix is ​​distinguished by its variable lock-up period, which depends on staking activities. This contrasts with the fixed deadlines typically imposed by traditional cloud mining providers.

The pre-sale of BTCMTX has attracted attention, and the amount raised reached $10,708,211 from $11,556,753. As Bitcoin Minetrix As it prepares to conclude leg 25 of its journey, investors are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity ahead of the impending price surge. With just a few days left, potential investors can take advantage of the coin’s promising potential.

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