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Christopher Nolan moderated a question and answer session with Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie to discuss “The course,” the satirical comedy series starring Fielder and Emma Stone from Showtime and Paramount+, following the screening of the first episode. The “Oppenheimer” director said the show “is like nothing he’s ever seen on television before.”

“There are very few shows that are truly unprecedented,” Nolan said. “I mean, you’re going back to things like ‘Twin Peaks’ or ‘The Prisoner’ or Dennis Potter’s ‘Singing Detective,’ things like that. So you’re in an incredible space and I can’t wait for the audience to catch up to the climax.”

Nolan also praised Fielder’s HBO series “The Rehearsal” and Safdie’s filmography with his brother Josh.

Fielder and Stone play a married couple with their own HGTV show called “Fliplanthropy.” Things take a turn when a supposed curse begins to affect their relationship while they are trying to conceive. Safdie, who created the series with Fielder, also stars in the show as a television producer trying to capture the couple’s morally dubious actions on camera.

“’The Curse’ is undeniably effective at setting mood, which means that every praise for the show also sounds like a criticism. The show is a study of exploitation on every level that is often painful to watch. Whether that’s a sign to tune in or stay away is up to you.” Varieties Television critic Alison Herman he wrote in his review.

All episodes of “The Curse” are now streaming on Paramount+ with Showtime.

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