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Despite the tragic loss of Harry Daghlian, scientists at Los Alamos continued experiments at the core. Luis Slotin, a canadian physicist Known for his skill and confidence in handling radioactive materials, he became the next to challenge the limits of nuclear physics.

Slotin was known for demonstrating a criticality experiment that involved bringing a plutonium core to the brink of becoming critical, essentially trying to get even closer to the brink of starting an uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction.

The experiment used two beryllium-coated metal half-spheres, which could be brought closer to the demon’s core to reflect neutrons back to it, inching it closer to criticality.

The critical moment of the procedure came when Slotin, using only a screwdriver, reached between the two spheres to create enough space to prevent them from closing completely around the plutonium core: a risky process known as “ticking the dragon’s tail.” asleep”. “

On May 21, 1946, Slotin was demonstrating this precarious experiment to Alvin Graves, his intended replacement, among other scientists in the room. As Slotin attempted the experiment, a slip of his hand caused the metal spheres to slam shut, instantly sending the core to its critical point.

The room was engulfed in another flash of blue light and a burst of heat, signifying a burst of neutron radiation.

Although Slotin reacted quickly to remove the sphere and stop the reaction, the damage had already been done. The others in the room survived with varying degrees of radiation exposure, but Slotin was not so lucky. He suffered a massive dose of radiation poisoning and died 9 days later, becoming the second victim of the demonic core.

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