The development of sustainable jet fuels is essential to decarbonize the economy: Murmu| Trending Viral hub

The development of sustainable jet fuels is a much-needed step to decarbonize the economy and there is also a need to rapidly adopt new propulsion technologies such as electric, hydrogen and hybrid on a large scale, President Droupadi Murmu said on Saturday.

During a conference in the national capital, he also highlighted that decarbonization of aeropropulsion is an onerous task “that we will have to undertake because climate change and global warming are threatening the very existence of human beings.”

According to her, the development of sustainable jet fuels is one of the most necessary steps to decarbonize the economy, but it is more difficult to achieve because traditional fuels are very high density.

“Finding sustainable non-fossil resources that can replace these traditional fuels should be the priority objective because we are approaching a climate tipping point. To reduce our carbon footprint, we need to rapidly adopt new large-scale propulsion technologies, such as electric, hydrogen and hybrid,” said Murmu.

He was addressing the international conference-exhibition on ‘Aerospace and Aviation in 2047’ organized by the Aeronautical Society of India to mark its 75th anniversary.

The aerospace sector has been going through a transformative phase in preparing for speed and runway-independent technologies for defence, air mobility and transportation purposes, he said, adding that there is also the demanding task of cultivating well-versed and ready human resources. to address these issues with all seriousness.

“At the same time, there is also a need to upskill and retrain the current workforce,” he added.

Mentioning the successful completion of the Mars mission and the safe landing and travel near the South Pole of the Moon, Murmu said India has proven that it has the willpower, potential and capability to achieve what it sets out to achieve. .

“The highest standards of quality, cost-effectiveness and timeliness have been the hallmarks of all our projects. The future Aditya L1 and Gaganyaan missions will not only boost India’s reputation and encourage research, but will also help humanity in its together,” he said.

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