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Short liquidation is increasing as Bitcoin surpasses $44,000 today. Unfortunately, Ethereum is trading below the $2,500 range, causing many to doubt the likelihood of the long-awaited altcoin season.

However, the Ethereum chain remains one of the leading ecosystems for launching Dapps and crypto projects. Investors continue to investigate the Most popular cryptos on the Ethereum chain looking for investment opportunities, hoping to capitalize on market movements or hedge their gains.

The most popular cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum chain today

Based on current market data, Bitcoin Inu, MOROS Net, and YES rank as some of the top trending tokens in the Ethereal ecosystem, and eTukTuk maintains its place as one of the pre-sales projects to watch. Below is a quick overview of the market trend and data. It also provides a quick update on how eTukTuk pre-sales is performing and where it might be.

1. Bitcoin Inu (BTCINU)

Bitcoin Inu has a lot in common with Bitcoin besides the layer one chain, price, dominance, and utility. The project aims to create a memecoin that tracks Bitcoin trends without prioritizing its infrastructure. Furthermore, it exists on the Ethereum chain.

BTCINU price chart

Unfortunately, Bitcoin Inu’s recent performance comes after a massive price drop. In the last 24 hours, BTCINU recorded a 37% increase in price and an over 126% increase in its trading volume. The trend validates that it could be on its way to recapturing Bitcoin’s glory days as promised. The number of transactions is also in line with the claims, as it surpassed the 22,000 mark with the number of holders exceeding 4,050.

Will Bitcoin Inu maintain its place as one of the best performers in the Ethereum ecosystem? It is difficult to predict how Bitcoin Inu’s trend will turn out, given that overall crypto market conditions are generally fair. BTC gains mainly influence the positive sentiment in the market.

Therefore, investors should observe the trends of BTCINU to confirm its price movements. Conversely, the dwindling interest in memecoins is also a factor when considering the long-term prospects of assets like BTCINU.

2. MOROS Network (MOROS)

Over the last 48 hours, MOROS has continued its bullish movements and its price has increased by more than 500% in the last 24 hours. Surprisingly, over the previous 24 hours, it recorded an increase of over 3,800% in trading volume, which is a departure from what has been seen since its launch. The sudden increase in volume may suggest growing interest in the project.

Overall, Moros Net takes a liberal stance on the cryptocurrency industry, focusing on providing unbiased access to crypto transactions. It claims that it does not discriminate or track the motive behind transactions executed on its network. Therefore, the project assumes that it will return cryptocurrencies to their foundation, which is to encourage anonymous transactions.

MOROS Price chart

The improvement in price and trading volume also indicates that investors gradually noticed its trend. Moros Net has an acclaimed locked liquidity of $160,000, and there are claims that the project has already amassed 2,107 holders at press time. The value reveals an addition of about 300 holders in the last 24 hours. Its market capitalization also rose to more than $1.7 million in the period.

On the other hand, the project and its token need to be approached with caution as there is a general decline in activities on its social media platforms. If the community fails to boost its growth, MOROS may end up being dragged along unintentionally. But today, it remains one of the top trending cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum chain.

3. YES (YES)

From time to time, we see projects that try to rethink an aspect of cryptocurrencies. YES is a more recent attempt to reinvent crypto NFTs. It claims to be working on hybrid ERC-20/NFT protocols. However, the focus is on Memes, hence the name MFT (Meme Fungible Tokens).

YES Price chart

However, today it caught the attention of investors after it recorded gains of over 400% in price and a 59% increase in trading volume. From the information about the YES medium page, the YES team could be a group to watch as it is made up of a group of people with experience in the industry. They are also known for their aggressive approach to visibility, having brought their previous project, Polydoge, to the top spot on the Polygon channel.

YES may maintain its place as one of the top trending tokens on the Ethereum chain as data from this chain shows a 5% increase in holders in the last 24 hours. It has also recorded over 21609 transactions at the time of writing this article. Furthermore, its recent listing on Bitget could also keep its price in an uptrend for most of the next few days.

4. Non-playable currency (NPC)

Non-playable coin is a new small-cap cryptocurrency in the Ethereum ecosystem and its value is increasing dramatically. The project reached the top of the trending list today after printing a price increase of more than 70% in the early hours of the day. It also has an increase in trading volume of over 450% at the time of writing.

NPC Price Chart

The NPC surge is not unexpected as the token recently completed its migration to BASE from Sushiswap. The move may have explained the persistent price pump, which has spanned more than 14 days.

At the current rate, NPC could maintain its weekly trend as the number of headlines is also increasing. According to its etherscan data, there has been a 2% change in the number of holders in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 1538. The increasing number may continue to pressure its price, forcing it into a prolonged uptrend.

What could be the next trending cryptocurrency?

He eTukTuk The team is reigniting the push to leverage blockchain technology to solve real-world problems. While most crypto solutions address finance-related issues, the team aims to solve transportation challenges in developing and first world countries.

The project addresses the transportation problem using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. It invites investors to be part of the vision through its pre-sale offer of the TUK tab.

Interestingly, it is offering the token with a pre-sale discount of $0.0265. Unfortunately, there is no time to waste as the price is currently inflationary. Investors who miss the discount window will have to purchase the token at a higher price in the next thirteen days.

The eTukTuk and its tokenomic details can be found on its pre-sale page. Additionally, investors can find a more detailed whitepaper that details everything about the project.

Visit the eTukTuk pre-sale.

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