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Meme coins are some of the trendiest tokens on the cryptocurrency market today and offer investors and enthusiasts a rare opportunity to make quick profits.

However, not all meme coins will be a huge success, so investors need to be able to discover promising tokens before they start to rise in value.

In this video, we explore three meme coins that are gaining attention and potentially generating big gains in the weeks leading up to April 2024.

cat in a dog’s world (MEW)

In an exciting twist, amid the impressive price rise of Solana-based meme coins, a new contender has entered the cryptocurrency scene. Cat in a dogs world (MEW), a recently launched meme coin on Solana, is drawing the attention of cryptocurrency traders and investors. Its price increased by almost 300% last month, causing a stir in the community.

Shifting focus from the previously popular meme coin, $BOME, a large investor transferred significant funds to $MEW, according to on-chain data. This move attracted widespread attention in the cryptocurrency world, especially considering $BOME’s notable rally prior to the investor change.

The investor accumulated 9.6 billion $MEW tokens, equivalent to 10.8% of the token’s total supply. Other investors followed suit, expressing optimism and confidence in $MEW, as well as the broader crypto market.

Investors are speculating on $MEW’s potential for significant gains, following the recent impressive price rises seen following the launch of $WIF and $BOME. $MEW tokens continue to generate positive momentum in the cryptocurrency market.

At the time of writing, $MEW is up 15% in the last 24 hours, with a current trading price of $0.006. The market capitalization of the $MEW token fell from its support level of $600 million to the current value of $596.96 million, and the 24-hour trading volume also decreased to $216.64 million.

Although $MEW is currently trading on limited exchanges, its potential for broader adoption remains high, making it an interesting investment opportunity.

Dogecoin20 (DOGE20)

Dogecoin20 (DOGE20) emerges as an improved version of Dogecoin, which works on the Ethereum platform. It offers greater flexibility for token custody and transactions, follows a fixed supply model, and presents attractive passive income opportunities.

Shortly after its launch, the pre-sale of $DOGE20 reached its target of $10 million, suggesting a significant increase in value on the horizon. However, investors still have a chance to purchase the token at a discounted price before it hits exchanges on Doge Day. For complete instructions on how to buy $DOGE20Check out our detailed guide.

$DOGE20 stands out among dog-themed cryptocurrencies due to several promising features. First, present ways for community members to earn Passive income and bet your chips. From the pre-sale phase onwards, investors can stake their tokens and earn rewards for as long as they hold them.

This betting The option makes $DOGE20 an attractive alternative to Dogecoin and other highly traded meme coins. $DOGE20 holders can stake their tokens to earn projected returns of 66% annually over a 2-year period.

This reward system aims to encourage long-term holding and reduce the circulating supply of $DOGE20, which could lead to significant price increases. Take a look at our $DOGE20 price prediction to obtain information about its future value.

Additionally, $DOGE20 has a fixed supply of 140 billion tokens, distinguishing it from Dogecoin’s original inflationary model. The project’s smart contracts have been audited by Coinsult and the investment community has analyzed its tokenomics structure, which includes the 10% allocation for liquidity.

The growing interest in the pre-sale, even after reaching the $10 million goal, indicates the viral momentum of the project. It offers a favorable risk-reward ratio for pre-sale investors. With the launch of $DOGE20 aligning with Doge Day, there is limited time left to position yourself for this potential Dogecoin rally.

We’re going to $0 (0)

Despite its name, “Let’s Go to $0” doesn’t actually aim to reach zero. This meme coin, with its fun and ironic name, has found a unique place in the world of cryptocurrencies. Despite its small market cap, Vamos a $0 has seen significant growth thanks to its light-hearted storytelling.

The coin community finds amusement in its name, which contributes to its popularity. This is backed by a healthy liquidity pool of over $496.14K, ensuring smooth trading. The number of Vamos a $0 holders is constantly increasing, suggesting growing interest and the possibility of a price increase.

As the Easter holidays end, next week may bring back active trading in the cryptocurrency market, possibly driving the value of Vamos to $0. Adding to the intrigue is the $420 billion circulating supply of Let’s Go to $0, a number often associated with humor in cryptocurrency circles.

Combined with the coin’s increasing trading volume, it embodies the unpredictable yet exciting nature of investing in meme coins. While volatility is expected, “Let’s Go to $0” could surprise many with its growth potential.


In summary, the cryptocurrency market offers interesting investment opportunities with meme coins such as MEW, DOGE20 and We go to $0. Each coin has unique characteristics and the possibility of significant growth, which attracts investors looking for quick returns.

This makes them attractive options for those who want to take advantage of the ever-changing crypto environment and benefit from emerging trends in digital assets. For those looking for the top meme coins to invest in 2024Explore our comprehensive guide featuring the top options.


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