The new Jackrabbit XG electric bike is a tiny joker| Trending Viral hub

Of course, these additions make it a bit heavier: it weighs 32 pounds compared to the OG’s 24 pounds. But it’s still light and compact enough to take out of the box without a problem.

Everything about Jackrabbit is surprisingly easy. Most electric bikes require a lot of assembly. I carried the XG box into my driveway, took it out, removed the Styrofoam, attached the handlebars and… that was it. No screwing on a front tire, plugging in a bad battery, or messing with squeaky brakes. It even comes fully charged. I was able to put it down within 15 minutes of opening the box!

Compared to other electric vehicles, it is very affordable for the ride quality it offers. I appreciate the updates made to the Jackrabbit XG, but that comes with an increased price of $1,800. However, the OG is still only $1,000.

The most important thing is that it is very fun. Yes, you could get a reliable Aventon for this price, but now I feel sad every time I have to push a 65-pound electric bike. There’s nothing that makes me feel more like Pee-wee Herman (in a good way, RIP) than to hop on a small electric bike, bounce off the sidewalk, and ride away from the library, laughing the entire way.

Photography: Rabbit

Even big men like to ride around making fools of themselves on my little electric motorcycle. I can chase my kids down the asphalt and up and down the sidewalks around my kids’ school. It fits on my front porch and takes up a small corner of my garage. It’s perfect for my lifestyle and is way more fun than any small bike has any right to be. If you have somewhere you need to get to quickly, I highly recommend it.

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