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The cryptocurrency market could see a return of the bullish rally in the artificial intelligence sector as talks of a merger between some of the biggest players in the space progress. Recent news reveals that Ocean Protocol and are SingularityNET, the defenders of the film. These three platforms are said to be working on an Artificial Superintelligence alliance, which would lead to a symbolic merger valued at more than $7.5 billion.

From the merger, the ASI token would be developed. It is speculated that the new token will likely become the pioneer in the crypto artificial intelligence sector. Ultimately, the assets involved in the merger would likely see the most significant gains in the short term, and the resulting cryptocurrency, ASI, would likely become the next cryptocurrency to explode.

The next cryptocurrency to explode

As talks about a Superintelligence alliance continue, the memecoin category is moving to regain dominance over the crypto narrative. Not only are assets in the sector topping the list of winners today, but new memecoin projects are also making a spectacular debut. One example is the recently launched Slothana pre-sale that raised over $2 million in less than seven days of pre-sale offering. Below is more information about its pre-sale.

1. Helium (HNT)

Helium was one of the first assets to skyrocket massively after the Bitcoin spot ETF announcement. It surpassed the low range with a price increase of more than 300%. However, HNT has retreated since the middle of the first quarter, with the price falling by more than 30%. The reduction in HNT momentum coincides with the overall price drop in the crypto market.

Interestingly, HNT holders could be preparing for a return to the uptrend as the token returns to retest support in the $5 to $6 range. A rebound from this range confirms the return of a rally towards the mid-range of the asset’s trend, which should place its price between $9 and $12. On the positive side, it could rise to the Resistance group at $16. Interestingly, the Helium network has a handful of development initiatives in the pipeline, which are likely to influence the long-term value of the assets.

HNT Price chart

The upcoming rally of the HNT token largely depends on the overall outlook for the crypto market. As the market remains in a relatively sideways trend, investors may lack the risk appetite to push the token higher on the chart. However, its technical analysis data shows that holders should prepare for impressive upside.

The relative strength reading on the chart indicates that the token is progressively undervalued. Investors could soon see a return to an uptrend. However, HNT’s return to an uptrend would come amid sideways fluctuations due to the overall short-term bearish sentiment. Similarly, HNT continues to trade below its $200 moving average, indicating sustained interest in the asset. If the bears regain control of the price depreciation, HNT could become the next cryptocurrency to explode.

2. Slothana (LAZY)

The Solana network is seeing a return of meme culture after the sensation of the previous week. An upcoming project from the Solana chain recently saw spectacular performance after raising over $500,000 in pre-sale funding in 8 hours. At the time of writing this article, Slothana Pre-sale funds are leaning towards the $2.3 million mark, and their social media following is equally growing significantly.

Given the current pre-sale prospects, it is difficult to argue with the prospect of SLOTH’s exceptional performance upon listing. Interestingly, the Slothana pre-sale uses a simple funding model that allows investors to participate with just a few clicks. The project wallet address is published directly on the pre-sale page, reducing the hassle of participating. Furthermore, with just 1 SOL, investments can hold up to 10,000 SLOTH.

Degen investors are already flocking to the project to take advantage of the rising launch price. Also, Slothana The pre-sale price is not inflationary, as is common in most of the Solana chain’s pre-sale programs. Consequently, investors can apply the dollar cost averaging (DCA) strategy. As the probability of an explosive launch rally increases, investors can increase their SLOTH bag at the current pre-sale price. However, the ability to purchase at the current price ends when the pre-sale closes.

Visit the Slothana pre-sale

3. Ravencoin (RVN)

Ravencoin has seen a significant increase in investor interest as the asset’s trading volume received an increase of over 189% in the last 24 hours. Consequently, the growing demand puts pressure on the price of the asset, causing an increase of almost 30% in the last 24 hours. The sudden rise in RVN’s value has helped its falling price regain its place on the upside. As Ravencoin seeks further upside, it is an opportunity for investors to take advantage of the price action.

According to its technical analysis, it posts MACD readings of 0.00301964 on the daily chart, indicating an imminent bullish rally. Similarly, the value of its long-term moving averages remains well below its current price. With more room for growth, RVN would likely acquire the resistance group in the $0.05 – $0.06 price range in the next quarter.

RVN Price chart

However, the long-term outlook for the RVN token is subject to the overall outlook of the asset transfer narrative. With growing interest in the crypto sector for RWAs, RVN and category assets may see increased use cases as the need for ownership transfer becomes imminent. In general, investors should keep an eye on asset trends, especially short-term price action. It is likely to maintain its vertical momentum for the rest of the quarter and the first few days of next quarter.

4. Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

Ocean Protocol is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the artificial intelligence sector and since the start of the bull market, the asset has given returns of over 120% to its holders. However, things are about to get more interesting as the network talks to other players in the cryptoAI space.

OCEAN Price chart

The goal is to create a unified cryptoasset that would merge all three assets. While the outlook for these mergers depends on the community vote, the assets of the individual platforms, in the short term, would likely see a massive rally due to the visibility that will result from the news. On the other hand, the OCEAN community is not required to participate in any voting efforts since its control has already been abandoned.

While the cryptocurrency community waits for the vote, it is best to keep an eye on the market movement of the assets involved in the merger. OCEAN’s price chart indicates that it is trading closer to its ATH value. Demand for the asset would likely result in a dramatic rise above its ATH. Ultimately, investors could see OCEAN’s price rise as high as $2 in the next quarter, prior to the merger.

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