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The current bullish trend evidently defies widespread expectations. Before the bull run, many traders assumed that Bitcoin uptrend bottoms usually convert into altcoins. Based on data from past bull cycles, it is clear that Bitcoin’s rally precedes the emergence of the next cryptocurrencies to explode.

Unfortunately, the predictions this time are surprisingly wrong, as only a handful of alternatives follow the BTC trend. Instead of funds flooding the altcoin market, investors are betting heavily on memecoins in what looks to be another memecoin season.

The next cryptocurrency to explode

Meanwhile, traders and investors are exploring opportunities in search of crypto tokens that can generate significant returns. Interestingly, many of the top trending cryptocurrencies in the last seven days are newly launched memecoins. The following list also mentions Sponge V2, a recently launched memecoin with promising potential. Details of the project and the opportunity it presents are discussed in the updates below.


It’s memecoin season and spongers are having a great time. The crypto market has witnessed a significant increase in the value of major memecoins, as the price of PEPE increased by over 600% and the price of DOGE increased by over 400% in the last seven days.

Apparently, it is SPONGE’s turn to participate in the memecoin rally, as the price of the token is currently heading towards the moon. SPONGE The price has increased significantly in the last seven days, recording impressive figures. Although the cryptocurrency has maintained a progressive increase in price since its launch, the last few days have been more of a jump.

Market data in the early hours of today reveals that there has been an over 20% increase in the price of SPONGE and a complementary 200% increase in trading volume. If SPONGE maintains its current pace, it will likely surpass the performance of Sponge V1. At the time of writing, Sponge V2 has already reached a market cap of over $74.5 million, which is already approaching Sponge V1’s ATH market cap value.

Technically, the climax of the upcoming memecoin season signals the best time for investors to join the trend, especially those who have been sidelined. Investing in emerging memecoins with strong fundamentals and visible potential is the best way to maximize trends.

About SPONGE, there could still be room for a price increase, given the current price and its market capitalization. Seizing the opportunity would be an opportunity to capture a marginal ROI before the token pulls back.

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2. Aragon (ANT)

Arrangon made some announcements recently, which influenced the price of the token. The first was the decision to dissolve the Aragonese Association (AA). The association has the responsibility of managing the treasury of Aragon.

The second resolution allows ANT holders to redeem their ANT for ETH. Finally, there has been a move to adjust the platform’s mission to ensure it is more product-focused.

ANT price chart

Following the resolution, the price of ANT saw a notable increase that significantly increased its value. The effect of the trend is still being felt as the price of ANT has increased by approximately 8% today. Complementing the increase in costs is also an increase in asset trading volume, which then increased by approximately 90%.

The change in value presents an opportunity to ride the trend before ANT experiences a pullback. According to market data, ANT is currently heading towards its ATH. At its current momentum, it is only a matter of time before it breaks out of the price range.

To get a more balanced view, it is essential to understand that a rising RSI reading accompanies the recent price increase. While all other indicators remain bullish, its RSI value of 86 indicates that a reversal could be in the offing. However, the current bull market may remedy ANT’s pullback, but investors still need to keep a close eye on the price action.

3. Stellar (XLM)

Stellar is one of the top cryptocurrencies to watch during this period, especially for investors looking beyond the bull market. One uniqueness of the XML token is its performance over the last 52 weeks. The token has been on an upward trend and has responded resiliently to virtually every market shock or trend.

While the asset’s performance has not been as dramatic compared to many cryptocurrencies on the market, its trend has been relatively impressive. It features more predictable price action with an increase of over 35% in the last 30 days.

XLM price chart

The token recently started an uptrend and investors should take note of its trend. At the current rate, it could surpass its ATH before the end of the quarter. Steadily increasing trading volume may indicate that you are building up investor interest.

One of the reasons why investors should keep Stellar on their watch list is its journey into the real-world asset tokenization sector. The move would position it to capitalize on the multibillion-dollar sector. With this, investors can expect to make a considerable return on investment even after the bull market subsides.

4. Door token (GT)

GateChain is designed to facilitate digital asset transfers and with the bull market currently in session, demand for the GT token should increase in the coming days. Evidently, the GT chart trends already indicate that there is a significant change in price action.

Will Gate Token become the next cryptocurrency to explode? Today, GT recorded a price increase of over 3%, which helped push its price up to $5.4. Similarly, there has been an over 30% increase in its trading volume as investor interest in the token spreads further.

GT Price Chart

Apparently, the bullish trend on the GT chart is mainly driven by the bull market as the same trend is noticed in many other cryptocurrencies. But without commensurate activity to balance the asset’s rising price, it could encounter bearish pressure in the coming days.

According to GT technical analysis, the token is currently overvalued. Its Relative Strength Index data indicates that the token could undergo a dump soon. Apart from the fact that there has been little activity on the network, it is better to take a short-term position in the asset and enjoy the marginal profit while it lasts.

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