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Skepticism has returned to the cryptocurrency market as cryptocurrency prices fall marginally. The trend has many cryptocurrency investors speculating about the return of crypto winter. However, a far-right wing of the market believes that the momentary decline in asset prices presents an opportunity to identify next cryptocurrencies to explode.

As bulls fight to take control of the market, it is best to objectively observe market trends to identify the next cryptocurrencies to explode. When the market returns to an uptrend, most cryptocurrencies will trade at prices much higher than their ATH values.

The next cryptocurrency to explode

Those who got in early when Bitcoin was at its lowest point now have BTC, which is worth several times their initial investment. However, the opportunity to own Bitcoin is not over, as one team recently proposed a democratized Bitcoin mining initiative called Bitcoin Minetrix. The project is designed to allow investors to mine Bitcoins using the platform’s native cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Minetrix details are included in the article.

1. Athens (ENA)

Ethena is one of the recent cryptocurrencies listed on the Binance exchange. Following its listing on the platform, Ethena price entered a parabolic trend and appeared on the top gainers list for most of this week. In the last 24 hours, ENA, which is the project’s native cryptocurrency, has witnessed an increase of over 75% and a trading volume increase of approximately 75%.

ENA price chart

Ethana caught the attention of investors by stepping in as a project that would replicate the real-world monetary model in the crypto ecosystem. It is called the synthetic dollar protocol. The idea is to convert it into a banking system that does not depend on the existing banking infrastructure. As the real value of the Ethena protocol develops, investors could see a significant increase in the value of its underlying asset, ENA.

ENA, the platform’s governance token, was distributed in an airdrop on April 2 following the successful completion of its airdrop program. The token was distributed in proportion to the points accumulated before the first day of the month. Meanwhile, the token’s rising value makes it an excellent asset to pursue short-term opportunities.

However, investors should be on the lookout for two long-term red flags that threaten the sustainability of the project and the short-term value of its cryptocurrency. First is the project’s USDe recovery model, which many fear will follow the same approach as Terra’s UST. Secondly, the over 750 million ENA distributed during the airdrop would likely flood the market with new ATH values. Therefore, ENA could go through repeated cycles of price fluctuations.

2. Flare (FLR)

Flare’s performance in the last 24 hours has been quite remarkable. The token recorded an impressive 26% price increase, which has brought its market capitalization closer to the $2 billion range. Today’s gains are not the first for FLR in recent times, as the token has recorded gains of over 29% in the last 7 days.

Flare’s cumulative gains have helped holders who bought in the middle of last quarter regain their profits. In addition to the rising price of FLR, the token has also seen an increase of over 800% in current trading volume, which also explains the rising value of the asset.

FLR price chart

If FLR maintains its current gains, the token is likely to test its ATH range before the end of the first month of this quarter. That said, investors should watch FLR’s trends closely as it will likely become one of the next cryptocurrencies to break out this season.

Additionally, Flare is undergoing sweeping upgrades that would give the platform a competitive advantage in the Oracle and AI space. A recent announcement on its Twitter account reveals the launch of FTSov2, which is believed to give dApp developers access to over 1,000 data sources.

The initiative would create a significant increase in demand for Flare’s services, and use cases for the FLR token are sure to increase significantly. The possibility of FLR surpassing its ATH value is relatively high, given the recent updates and announcements. Therefore, investors should closely monitor its trend this quarter.

3. Brett (BRETT)

Brett is one of the latest meme coin projects in the cryptocurrency market. More importantly, the project takes advantage of the increasing visibility of the Base chain since being built on Base. In the last 24 hours, BRETT has seen a price increase of over 87%, giving it a market capitalization of $656 million. The project is comically nicknamed Pepe’s best friend because of the position he holds at the Base.

Brett recorded his first ATH value at the close of the previous month, worth $0.085. However, the current trend of the asset shows that there will probably be a new ATH value soon. One factor that would likely generate the momentum needed to surpass his ATH is the current sideways trend of the crypto market. As investors continue to look for assets with which to hedge their gains, BRETT and other notable assets may become the next cryptocurrencies to explode.

BRTT Price chart

With Brett occupying the position of the second-largest memecoin project on Base, investors can expect its large size to also provide the leverage it needs to reach new heights. Ultimately, it is best to put the token on the watch list as most fundamental data shows that it is one of the upcoming cryptocurrencies with strong potential for explosive gains.

4. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)

Bitcoin Minetrix The pre-sale is almost coming to an end, as the project raised an impressive $12.8 million. As the project approaches the $13.79 million milestone, the chance to participate at a discounted value is quickly running out. Therefore, investors who wish to participate in the next iteration of Bitcoin mining have a concise window to participate.

The project is designed to democratize Bitcoin mining, an initiative that would forever change the way the market mines cryptocurrencies. However, Bitcoin Minetrix Not only does it aim to disrupt Bitcoin mining, but it also offers investors the opportunity to profit from its cryptocurrency, the BTCMTX token.

Ultimately, as the project goes live and its token is listed on exchanges, investors have the opportunity to enjoy dual rewards. First of all, anyone can mine Bitcoin with as little as $10. Secondly, BTCMTX’s value gains present an opportunity for investors to earn a return on investment (ROI) on their investments. The project’s pre-sale page offers additional information.

Visit the Bitcoin Minetrix pre-sale

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