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The Taiwanese-produced crime action film “The Pig, the Snake and the Dove” premiered in the upper part of the mainland. Porcelain box office over the weekend, ahead of a quartet of Lunar New Year carryover titles. They also opened Sony’s ‘Madame Web’ and a reissue of ‘Dune’, but failed to crack the top five.

“The Pig, the Snake and the Dove” earned $16.2 million (RMB 115 million), according to data from consulting firm Artisan Gateway. Aside from Lunar New Year titles, that represented the highest opening of any new film in China this year. But it was not a completely convincing performance. It came in just ahead of “Article 20,” the crime comedy-drama directed by Zhang Yimou that has been in theaters for four weeks.

Directed by Hong Kong director Wong Ching-po and starring Ethan Juan, the film tells the story of a gangster who discovers, first, that he has cancer and only has a few months to live, and second, that he is the third most wanted outlaw in the country. country. He decides to eliminate the two highest-ranking criminals so he can die on top of them.

While Taiwan limits the number of mainland Chinese films that can be shown in its cinemas each year, the reverse is not true. There are no specific restrictions on Taiwanese films being screened in mainland China, as long as the titles receive approval from mainland censors. However, they remain a rarity and taking the number one spot is a notable achievement.

“Article 20” earned $16 million (RMB 113 million) over the weekend, for a cumulative total of $320 million, since its release on February 10. That cements its position as the third highest-grossing title of the Lunar New Year.

“Pegasus 2,” which remains the second Lunar New Year release, earned $14.4 million (RMB 102 million) over the past weekend. Its total amounts to a significant 458 million dollars (3.25 billion RMB).

Chinese animated film “Boonie Bears: Time Twist” grossed $8.7 million over the weekend, for a total of $268 million (RMB 1.9 billion). Comedy about weight loss, “YOLO”, which dominated the Lunar New Year holiday sessions, fell to fifth place over the past weekend. It earned $8.0 million for a cumulative total of $478 million (RMB 3.4 billion).

Estimates from ticketing agency Maoyan show that “Dune” earned about $860,000 (RMB 6.2 million) during its first three days of re-release. The new release, “Madame Web,” was a flop, earning only 4.8 million RMB or $670,000. “Oppenheimer,” which had an opportunistic release before the Oscars, earned just $170,000 over the weekend.

Everything will likely be ready starting next Friday, when “Dune 2” hits Chinese screens. Not only will it be the first Hollywood film of this scale since “Aquaman 2” in mid-December, but the film has the added bonus of being co-distributed by Legendary East, the Chinese arm of Legendary Entertainment.


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