The ‘pro-life Spiderman’ who climbed Sphere LV promoted Trump, Tucker and Musk| Trending Viral hub

On Wednesday, a The man who nicknamed himself “Pro-Life Spider-Man” was arrested Climbing Las Vegas‘High-tech sphere.

The local police had answered to reports of “an individual scaling a building near the 200 block of Sands Avenue,” which was later identified like Maison Des Champs. The 24-year-old was booked into the Clark County Detention Center and charged with destroying property and conspiracy to destroy private property. Des Champs has been detained before, including an arrest after climbing the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas in 2021 in protest of Covid-19 regulations, and saying he climbed the sphere in an effort to dissuade a woman from supposedly having a next abortion in a post promoting the anti-abortion organization Let Them Live.

Des Champs did not immediately respond to rolling rocks request for comment.

While Des Champs may seem like something of a vigilante who risks his life to fight for women’s right to abortion, his social media reveals a penchant for promoting content from misogynists Elon Musk, Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump.

In 2022, Des Champs scaling to the top of the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco to raise money for anti-abortion charities, and was also seen scaling the New York Times building to hang a sign that read: “Abortion kills more people than 9/11 weekly!” Although Des Champs has repeatedly said that his antics have been to raise enough cash to end abortion, his fundraising activities have only raised a fraction of his goals.

Last November, Des Champs shared an Instagram shorten of Musk declaring that there is a demographic crisis. (The billionaire has previously tried, unsuccessfully, to justify his apparent breeder kink). “People are really trying to use excess population as an argument against ab0rt10n and it’s very sad,” Des Champs wrote in the caption. “So go have 12 kids like people did in the good old days!!!!!”

Earlier that month, he posted a graphic video of what appeared to be a fetus and referred to legal abortion as a “holocaust,” protesting that there are “many photos of murdered Jews, but these babies are murdered, thrown into medical incinerators.” and burned to generate electricity before you can see them.”

On a separate Instagram mail In August of last year, Des Champs appeared to make a strange comparison between himself and Trump: He posted a photo of himself next to the four-time impeached former president’s mugshot. Along with a quote from the Book of Psalms, Des Champs said: “Times are about to get difficult, but we must remember #feargodnotevil


His stunts have been flattered by Carlson himself, a right-wing personality, who invited Des Champs to his Fox show, before his dispossession of the network – and praised his “athletic ability” and his “bravery.” (Last spring, Carlson exchanged notes with Musk about their shared drive to impregnate as many women on Earth as possible, with the Tesla CEO blaming “birth control, abortions and all that” about the imminent collapse of civilization.)

Des Champs, who according to his Instagram is an “ambassador” for Turning Point (the right-wing powerhouse led by Charlie Kirk), says he is motivated by his mission to convince women not to have abortions, but his fanaticism for men who they have been anyone accused of sexual harassment or have been found responsible for sexual abuse suggests the wrong approach in telling women how and what to do with their bodies.

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