The rejection of extremist Jim Jordan is a sign of hope


Jim Jordan only lost a few wrestling matches during high school and college and He was a two-time NCAA national champion., but to see real perfection, look at his legislative record, as a member of Congress from Ohio. Jordan, now in his 17th year in Congress, has passed exactly the same number of bills this session as he has in all previous ones: zero. No wins and all losses.

On Friday, Jordan lost two more contests. In the morning, the full House rejected his candidacy for president for the third time in three days, with 25 fellow Republicans defect. Then, in the afternoon, the Republican conference voted him out in an internal vote of 86 to 112.

The new Republican candidates for president (the party that dumped Kevin McCarthy and then rejected Steve Scalise (who had beaten Jordan among the Republicans) before spitting on Jordan) have until noon today to submit their names. Then the conference will give someone the nomination and see if that lucky soul can get a majority in the House.

On Wednesday, at Jordan’s first roll call, when he could only afford to resign four of the 221 Republicans, five times as many… 20 members refused to support it.. She tried again on Thursday and lost even more support, 22 Republicans. Apparently not understanding the message, he forced the vote on Friday and was given the head.

Four New Yorkers said no every time: Nick LaLota, Andrew Garbarino and Anthony D’Esposito of Long Island and Mike Lawler of the Hudson Valley, forming the largest state delegation in the anti-Jordan bloc. Good for them. Actually, great for them. They and the other holdouts resisted threats and pressure to back a man who is completely unqualified to be second in line for the presidency.

They said, correctly, that Jordan did not support the World Trade Center Health Program. They said, correctly, that Jordan did not support funding after the devastation of Superstorm Sandy. They said, correctly, that Jordan did not support restoring a level playing field for the deduction of state and local taxes.

At the third and final roll call, another New Yorker, freshman Marc Molinaro, joined the dissidents, helping to bury Jordan’s illusion that he could lead the House of Representatives. Thank my Lord.

Eight right-wing radicals overthrew McCarthy. Now, three times as many Republicans have said no to the right’s favorite son, even though Donald Trump and Steve Bannon were pushing hard for Jordan. That gives us hope that sensible Republicans, who want to govern, not just destroy things, can stick together and empower a speaker worthy of the job.

After being dismissed by his colleagues, Jordan said: “I’m going back to work too. We have several statements prepared next week in the Judiciary Committee, work that we must do for the American people in our investigative work, so we will get back to work there.”

For Jordan, that is the ridiculous pursuit of impeachment against President Biden, a McCarthy-approved madness, as dictated by the claque the ousted president calls the “crazy eight led by (Matt) Gaetz.” McCarthy said that “the amount of damage they have done to this party and this country is insurmountable.” Now is the time to repair the damage.

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