“There is no scientific evidence” that an ancient human relative buried the dead and carved works of art as shown in the Netflix documentary, researchers argue| Trending Viral hub

A digital reconstruction of gay staran extinct human relative that lived about 300,000 years ago. (Image credit: Photo by Mark Thiessen, National Geographic, Gallo Images via Getty Images)

There is “no compelling scientific evidence” behind the extraordinary claims that the ancient human relative gay star They deliberately buried their dead, engraved rocks deep in a South African cave about 300,000 years ago, a group of archaeologists argues in a new commentary.

H. naledi became a lightning rod of controversy earlier this year after a team reclaimed The extinct hominid with a brain the size of an orange took his dead to the Rising Star cave system, lit fires and etched abstract patterns and shapes into the walls, complex behaviors previously only known in modern humans with larger brains. .A wise man) and our close cousins.

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