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Comparison of signals with the smoke and smoke door combo, which I have owned, loved, and reviewed for several years, this newer model tidies things up with a base instead of Smoke’s more complicated three-piece system. Signals has the ability to run four probes instead of Smoke’s two. Four is a lot unless you really like barbecue. Something some long-cook barbecue fans will appreciate is that Signals links to your Billows fan controller, meaning that if the temperature drops, the fan spins so the fuel burns faster. I was testing in the wet, cold Seattle winter and I have a gas grill, so I moved the tests indoors, where having four probes in my oven was twice as much as I could ever imagine I’d need.

One of my first dinners with it demonstrated the basic pleasure of cooking with the probes always on. My sister came with a nice salad and I made the sweet potato and peanut salad from Vishwesh Bhatt’s cookbook. I am from here. I also made their Tandoori Spiced Pork Loin, and since the loins were slightly different sizes, I put a probe in each one, with temperature alarms set, and popped them in the oven, freeing me up to set the table and shoot the breeze. . Not having to interrupt the conversation every few minutes to poke the potatoes with an instant-read thermometer gave us the fleeting feeling in our busy lives that we were real adults.

I discovered finer points as I continued cooking using Signals and my Smoke. The Smoke comes with a pocket-sized remote display called the Smoke Receiver that connects to the base via an extremely reliable radio signal. You can also purchase a $54 Wi-Fi bridge called smoke door which allows you to control the temperature in the ThermoWorks app. Signals abandons the radio in favor of Bluetooth, a risky proposition in terms of stability, but it incorporates Wi-Fi, which speeds things up nicely. All of this creates a bit of confusion when it comes to options. If I had to choose which one to buy, I would consider Bluetooth too unreliable and eliminate it from the equation. If I had extremely solid Wi-Fi throughout my house and near my grill, I’d probably go with Signals. If I really wanted four probes, or the ability to connect to the Billows, I’d get the Signals. Otherwise, I’d go with Smoke, which, even with the extra Wi-Fi bridge, uses the same app and will often be the cheaper option.

Still, Signals works very well. Take, for example, this past Thanksgiving when I was excited by the idea that you didn’t actually need to baste a turkey during cooking, which meant you could put the probe in the breast, put the bird in the oven, and not even break it. the door until the alarm sounded at 165 degrees. Instead of worrying about it, I was able to hang out with our guests, enjoy some deviled eggs, and have everything run smoothly. You could also look at the time and temperature graph on the app and get a good idea of ​​when the bird would come out of the oven. A few weeks later, still in the mood for chicken, I made Nik Sharma’s spiced roast chicken with turmeric, paprika and Kashmiri chili, and he continued to emphasize the advantage of the always-on thermometer for longer cooking, whether in the oven or in the oven. oven. sign.

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