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There are many good reasons to have a portable power station, whether you frequently camp or picnic, or simply want to keep your gear charged during power outages. Luckily, there’s a sale on Vtoman power plants right now, and it includes a huge $550 discount on one of our favorite portable power stations — the Vtoman FlashSpeed ​​1500 — which costs only $750.

As the name suggests, the FlashSpeed ​​1500 has an impressive 1548 watt-hours capacity that will easily last you a long time when charging peripherals like laptops or speakers. It can do around 130 full phone recharges if you need to, and with the maximum power of 3000 watts, it could even power some high-capacity devices like a coffee maker or microwave. It can also be expanded up to 3096 Wh with the Vtoman 1548 Wh battery, which costs a discounted price of $699 instead of its usual price of $999.

As for what you can charge, the FlashSpeed ​​1500 has 12 ports, with some interesting additions. Of course, there are the typical things you’d expect, like two 100-watt USB-C ports, four USB ports, one DC port, and three AC ports. However, the interesting thing is that it even has a port to jump start the car, making it a great companion to take with you when you go anywhere, especially camping or off-roading. It also has a bright flashlight on the back that will come in handy when you’re out in the wild, and it even has three different brightness levels, a pulse mode, and an SOS light mode.

As for charging, you have three options: you can power it from a standard household outlet, a DC barrel port, or solar panels. You can also use all three to charge simultaneously, so you could charge the full 1500Wh capacity in an impressive 45 minutes; That speed is the main reason it’s one of our top picks. The FlashSpeed ​​1500 also has an AC pass-through feature so you can connect it to a computer or TV, and it can function as a uninterruptible power supplymaking the FlashSpeed ​​1500 a versatile, portable power station.

If you need more options, there is also the higher capacity Vtoman Jump 1800, which is goes for $799 instead of $1,400, or the lower capacity Vtoman Jump 600X, which is it goes for $230 instead of $400. Both are great options if the FlashSpeed ​​1500 doesn’t quite fit your needs. And if you need solar charging, there are also some Vtoman solar panels on sale, such as the mid-range Vtoman VS220 Pro, it goes for $390 instead of $570.

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