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Photo: ANI

So far, there is no significant progress in the political negotiations between the Center and the Naga groups. (Photo: ANI)

Three Naga groups met on Saturday and decided to enter into joint negotiations with the Center for a solution to the decades-old Naga political issue.

The decision was taken during a meeting attended by leaders of the three groups – Akato Chophy-led National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN), Khango-led NSCN and Z Royim-led Naga National Council (NNC). All three are dissident groups.

“The three groups have come together to have a joint political venture in 2024,” Akato said, addressing reporters after the meeting here in the presence of the leaders of the other two groups.

When asked if they had already approached the Center with their decision to hold a dialogue, he said, “We have taken separate approaches in the past, but now we will make a joint effort on the Naga issue.”

Akato also stated that they would hold a dialogue separate from the negotiations being carried out by the Working Committee of Naga National Political Groups (WC-NNPG) with the Centre.

The NNPG is made up of only seven groups, while other Naga groups have been left out, he said, announcing that the three groups welcome like-minded organizations to join them for the cause of the Nagas.

Stating that there is no nomenclature for the three groups that have met, Akato said they will approach the Center for policy talks.

The Naga Political Issue is considered the oldest insurgency in the country. The Center has been holding separate negotiations with NSCN-IM since 1997 and with the NNPGs of the WC since 2017.

It has been eight years since the signing of the acclaimed Framework Agreement on 3 August 2015 with NSCN-IM and another six years after the signing of the Agreed Position on 17 November 2017 with WC NNPG.

The NSCN-IM has remained steadfast in its demand for a separate flag and constitution for the Nagas, as well as the integration of the Naga-inhabited areas spread across four Indian states: Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur and Nagaland, and also Myanmar.

On the other hand, the CM of NNPGs has expressed his willingness to accept whatever is granted to him for now and continue with the talks.

However, there is no significant progress so far in the political negotiations between the Center and the Naga groups.

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First published: December 30, 2023 | 10:30 PM IS


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