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When closed, the Porto looks like a sophisticated duffel bag and has a luggage handle on the back. When not attached to a suitcase, the bottom of that step zips closed so it can be used as a pocket. An additional pocket at one end also has an ID card slot to write down your and your cat’s information. There are also seat belt straps to prevent bouncing in the back seat while driving, but as the brand says, this is no guarantee of safety in the event of an accident. (Also, you shouldn’t strap them to the front seat, as the airbag could be fatal in an accident.)

The canvas cover is waterproof and should only be cleaned in specific areas. I sprayed it under the tap and it dried easily, although of course if you get caught in a storm the fabric around the zipper and straps will stay wet. The pad can be thrown into the washing machine.

The Porto only comes in one size, but with a 30-pound weight limit, most cats and even small dogs should fit. My three cats run the gamut of sizes, weighing 4, 10, and 20 pounds. Technically my larger cat fits, but since your cat should be able to turn around completely, he’ll probably need something larger. My husband and I don’t take them out of the house often, but we will continue to try it.

Cost of comfort

Photography: Tuft and paw

Tuft and Paw designers work alongside feline behavior specialists to ensure their ideas are not only visually appealing, but also consider the safety and mental well-being of cats. In this case, that influenced the amount of mesh. There is a mesh door and a small panel at the top, which may have less mesh than you are used to. The Tuft and Paw spokesperson told me that while most cat owners assume more mesh is better, too much visual exposure can actually make tense situations worse. There’s enough mesh for airflow and some view, but not so much that it overwhelms already scared cats.

Their products are usually as expensive as that are beautiful—all our cats deserve to play in this luxurious cat tree but not all our cats are contributing to the billsI’m right? But in this case, I don’t think $99 is outrageous. It’s not much more than the $60 to $80 carriers I was used to, and I noticed an obvious improvement in quality when I switched to the Porto. The super expensive ones $195 Diggs Passenger Carrier uses thicker and stronger material. But it’s also smaller, with a limit of 18 pounds. If you’re unsure, Tuft and Paw also includes price breakdowns on each product page to explain the overall costs involved in creating and shipping each item.

Knowledge because A product costing that much doesn’t mean it magically puts money in my pocket, but the work that goes into Tuft and Paw designs makes spending money on their products a little easier than just throwing money at a random Amazon seller. Hey, I said easyisnot painless.

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