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This is one of a series of stories looking at the contested races in the March 19 primary election.

The race for Kane County Recorder in the March Democratic primary is between Marisela Villegas and Brenda Rodgers.

The primary election is March 19. Current Kane County Recorder Sandy Wegman is running unopposed in the Republican primary.

Rodgers, of Elgin, is running for the third time for county recorder and said she brings with her decades of real estate experience. She has also been a member of the Elgin City Council.

“The most important part of the recorder’s job includes maintaining land records and veterans’ records with their DD214 documents that relate to their benefits after they have been honorably discharged,” he said. “When I meet people and knock on residents’ doors, most of them, nine out of 10, don’t know the services the registrar’s office offers or what it does.”

Rodgers said, “It’s important for elected officials to let people know what their duties are.”

“We keep copies of survey plans for developers, record deeds and maintain old property records,” he said. “We need to make people aware of the services that are offered, make older people aware of what is happening. There is property surveillance that has existed for six or seven years, a service that the registrar’s office has. If someone tries to place a lien on a person’s property without their knowledge, it alerts them if someone tries to replace their name or any activity on their property.”

Rodgers said she would like the recorder position “because I am a real estate agent and I feel like the office can do a lot more.”

Brenda Rodgers is running for Kane County Recorder in the March 19 Democratic primary.  Original credit:
Brenda Rodgers is running for Kane County Recorder in the March 19 Democratic primary. (Courtesy of Brenda Rodgers)

“We need people to be aware of the services. Currently, the office does not accept debit or credit cards and we need to make it more user-friendly for people who want to make transactions because a lot of people don’t carry cash now,” he said.

There is also a need to improve work with older people and the services they need, he said.

He said offering regular public meetings and informational seminars “will help keep people informed.”

Villegas, 31, of Aurora, is a first-time candidate and currently works in the Kane County Recorder’s Office.

The main function of the recorder, he said, “is to take what the public brings to us and turn it into a public record.”

Marisela Villegas is running for Kane County Recorder in the March 19 Democratic primary.- Original credit:
Marisela Villegas is running for Kane County Recorder in the March 19 Democratic primary. (Courtesy of Marisela Villegas)

“We deal mainly with land records. We work with the deeds of people’s houses and keep track of the titles. If people lose them, they can always get a copy,” he said. “We keep track of the documents: the deed, the mortgage and any liens against your house, it’s all there. We register DD214 documents for veterans and also offer property surveillance.”

Another role is working closely “with towns and cities in Kane County,” he said.

“They come and bring ordinances for registered parcels of subdivisions and other things that must be registered,” said Villegas. “I am interested in this position. I think we need a new face. I have been working in the office for the last two years and enjoyed it and would like to continue doing so.

“We need to keep track of any technological changes, that’s obviously important, and as laws change, we are an office that follows what the state says, so we need to make sure we are aware of any changes that occur in that regard” , said. saying.

Villegas adds that it is also important to reach out to the community and “make known what we do and the services we offer by holding different events in different places.”

“We need to inform our seniors about our property surveillance and let them know that they can always go online and check documents related to their properties,” he said.

David Sharos is a freelance reporter for The Beacon-News.

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