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After coming out from under Stephen Colbert’s deskJon Stewart is now again in The daily show Every monday to cover the next elections in 2024.

In the 20-minute monologue above, the host discusses what has happened so far, including the alleged problems that the candidates, President Joe Biden and Donald Trump, have been having with their memories and Biden’s recent (confusing) decision to join TikTok (“How do you get on TikTok and end up looking older?” Stewart asks.)

“Look, the next nine months or so (and maybe more depending on the timing of the coup) are going to be shit,” Stewart concludes. “You’ll be inundated with robocalls, you’ll push polls and real polls, and people will tell you to shake the vote, be the vote, vote the vote, finger-tap the vote, and you’ll be fine.” to make you feel like Tuesday, November 5th is the only day that matters. And that day does matter, but man, November 6th is nothing to sneeze at, or November 7th. If your boy loses, bad things can happen, but the country is not over, and if your boy wins, the country is not saved in any way.

“I’ve learned one thing over these last nine years, and I was glib at best and probably dismissive at worst: the work of making this world look like one you’d rather live in is a fucking lunchbox. Hard work , day after day, where thousands of committed, anonymous, intelligent, dedicated people knock on closed doors and pick up those who fall and work on problems until they get a positive result, and still have to stay to make sure the result is achieved. keep up”.

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