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Megan Moroney is one of the many rising stars within the world of country music. The Savannah, Georgia native will perform during New Year’s Eve live: Nashville’s big party on CBS along with country icons including Trace Adkins, Blake Shelton, Lainey Wilson, Carly Pearcerumored love interest Morgan Wallenand many more.

In an October 2022 interview, the blonde bombshell talked about her smash hit “Tennessee Orange” and how it catapulted her to stardom. “I don’t think I realized how special the song would be,” she said. PEOPLE At the time. “It was one of those things that he had worked on for so long and didn’t know if it was good or not. Then we decided at the last minute when Spotify gave us the opportunity to release it. And it’s crazy. I’m new to all this. But I say, this is great.”

Ahead of Megan’s appearance at the big New Year’s Eve celebration, learn more about Megan here!

Megan released her debut album in May

Megan began working on her country music career in 2020, after graduating from the University of Georgia. She released her debut single “Wonder” in February 2021. She followed up with the Gun made of roses EP in 2022, but her song “Tennessee Orange,” which was released in September, was her breakout hit. In May, Megan released her first full-length album. Lucky, containing “Tennessee Orange”. He also released a deluxe edition of the album in September.

Megan spoke about choosing songs for her debut album in a exclusive interview with HollywoodLife back in May. “I wanted each song to make you feel a different way, so on the track list there are no two songs that make you feel the same way,” she said. “I love telling stories and that’s what I love about writing songs, is that you can feel all the things. So I wanted them to be 13 songs that made you feel different.”

Megan performs in concert in July 2023. (John D Shearer/Shutterstock)

He began working with great artists in college.

The “I’m Not Pretty” singer-songwriter majored in music business in college and moved to Nashville to begin her career after graduating. Despite not releasing her own songs until after graduating, the pillars of her career were there in college. She revealed in an interview with People who performed cover songs to open Jon Langston at a college concert, and country singer chase rice saw the concert. She said the “Eyes On You” singer invited her to open and she wrote her first song. In addition to Chase, she also interned with the Sugarland star. Christian Bush as part of his music business degree.

He was rumored to be dating Morgan Wallen

Shortly after causing a sensation, dating rumors A whirlwind that linked Megan with another country star: Morgan Wallen. In the song’s promotional artwork, he wore a University of Tennessee Volunteers team t-shirt, of which Morgan is also a fan. On Instagram, people began speculating that the shirt belonged to the “Last Night” singer, especially after some flirty comments. He later confirmed that it was actually his.

After sparking rumors, Megan admitted that it made her “really uncomfortable” in an interview with People. “I’m not the kind of person who likes to talk about things like that,” he explained. “All my songs are about people. ‘Tennessee Orange’ is a very nice song, but if I told people who it was about, they’d ask me who ‘Sleep on My Side’ was about. I can’t tell you because it’s not a pretty song!

She already won country music awards

While this is the first time Megan has been nominated for a CMA Award, won its first major award in April. she won the Female Breakthrough of the Year award in the CMT Music Awards with his song “Tennessee Orange”.

She was in a sorority in college

While in college, Megan was also a member of the Kappa Delta sorority. She revealed that her sorority was actually the root of her country music career, as it was the first concert she ever performed at. “I was in a sorority (it was Kappa Delta) and we had a philanthropy event where we hired Jon Langston to come play, but we used our entire budget on it, so we didn’t have money for an opener.” she said People. “I guess (Chase Rice) saw that if he added me to the lineup, it would sell tickets because all these sorority girls would come.”


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