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if you are inside In the market for an affordable Android smartphone, Xiaomi’s latest mid-range Poco duo should be on your radar. Available now in the UK, Europe and India, but not the US, Poco X6 (£319) and Poco X6 Pro (£369) offer stacked spec sheets with few weaknesses. You can expect excellent displays, good battery life, and solid performance from both, although there are some downsides lurking.

Xiaomi offers a truly gigantic range of smartphones. Not content with its budget Redmi sub-brand, it launched the mid-range Poco sub-brand in 2018. There is considerable overlap, with many phones launched under the Redmi name in China being modified and rebranded as Poco for the European market. The X6 and X6 Pro fall into that category. If you’re wondering, the word poco means “a little” in Spanish and Italian.

The Poco brand has taken off as a budget phone. The X6 and X6 Pro sit at the lower end of the mid-range, undercutting much of the comparable competition. With so much in common, the Poco X6 will be the best option for bargain hunters, but I’ll lay out the differences so you can decide if the X6 Pro is worth delving into.

Little Peas in a Pod

Photography: Simon Hill

At first glance, the Poco X6 and X6 Pro are very similar. The X6 is a little taller, slimmer and lighter, but the differences are minimal. Both have plastic bezels with a volume rocker on the top right and the power button below. Only the X6 has a 3.5mm headphone port. The in-display fingerprint sensors are responsive, with cutouts for the camera at the top of the displays with almost no bezel. Both phones get an IP54 rating, so rain is fine, but submersion is not.

Photography: Simon Hill

Flip them over and they’re much easier to tell apart because the X6 Pro has a slightly curved back and a camera module that includes four lenses of the same size (although one of them is actually the flash). The X6 has two pronounced lenses on the left with a smaller third lens and a flash. The camera modules are the only design element that stands out, unless you opt for one of the more “interesting” finishes. The colors of the Poco X6 Pro are black (like my review unit), gray or, for the brave, a striking bright yellow with a faux leather finish. The Poco X6 comes in black or blue, or white with a marble effect.

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