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In front of me was a huge piece of metal, the largest thing in the room here at a press event in CES 2024, the largest technology conference of the year. It stands over 3 feet tall and weighs 800 pounds, and is designed to extract water from the air, even here in the arid Las Vegas desert. Satisfy the WC-100 water bucket.

The goal of this huge team? Do to your water bill what solar panels can do to your electricity bill: reduce it or even eliminate it completely.

But that “water independence” will cost you: $20,000 per pre-order, to be exact. “This is a completely new way of thinking. It’s changing the paradigm of how things are going with water,” Genesis System CEO Sharon Stuckenberg told CNET.

water from the air

The concept is familiar to anyone who watched the original Star Wars and thought for a minute about what it meant for Luke Skywalker’s uncles to be “moisture farmers.” There is moisture in the air, even just a little, and if you condense it with the right technology, you can create drinking water literally out of thin air.

Genesis Systems has created larger water systems that can produce thousands of gallons of water per day, but the home-scale model will produce about 100 gallons per day. That figure depends a lot on humidity: the 100 gallons were compared at 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 50% humidity.

If there is less humidity, the machine will still produce water (Stuckenberg said it will produce up to single digits of humidity), but it won’t produce as much. If there is more moisture, it will produce even more.

The WC-100 model comes with a 50-gallon tank, but Stuckenberg and Genesis Systems executive vice president Kevin Barton suggested that combining the WaterCube with a larger storage tank system could help a home effectively manage its needs. of water.

Get rid of your water bill?

Eliminating your water bill may seem tempting, but you have to consider that price. Available financing would be a monthly payment of $200 to $250 for several years, Barton said. Household water bills are variable and can range from $30 to $300 per month, for example.

Genesis Systems said the price will likely drop in the future. Right now, the best thing you can do is reserve a model for $500.

With the rise of wild weather and climate change, technologies such as solar panels, a homemade battery on wheels and, yes, maybe even water harvesting, will probably gain momentum. Or at least, in the case of an 800-pound, $20,000 water harvester, attention.

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