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I rejected the private healthcare option when I was working. Like Nell Frizzell (My mother was so desperate for medical care that she went private. Then came the bill…, December 3), I don’t believe in it. Recently, she developed a hernia. My GP quickly sent me to the ER. After four hours there, a young doctor suggested that he “monitor” the situation, because although it was serious, it was not serious enough to take additional measures and the waiting list for surgery would be “months, but probably years.” ”. ”.

So I went private. I hate to do it, but in two weeks I will be recovering. I am 73 years old. I cannot afford to be incapacitated for years, waiting on a list for a procedure that may never come. I am beyond angry at the politicians and their voters who are changing the situation. National Health Service.
Carolina Diggle

I don’t approve Private medical assistance, just as I don’t approve of private education or private jets. In a tax-paying democracy, having a service available only to people with money is divisive, unfair and unethical. But two years ago he needed a knee replacement. You could wait five years on the NHS or pay up and do it in three months. In five years I would have been depressed, obese and a recluse; The new knee would have been of little use to me. So I got a loan and a new knee.

For a lifelong socialist, it is difficult, but my only consolation is that I have opened up a place in the NHS for someone else.
Fiona Seddon
Llangynhafal, Denbighshire

I fully sympathize with the internal conflict over private healthcare. After the birth of my daughter last year I have felt extreme discomfort. Although my GP referred me as “urgent”, my initial appointment with the colorectal department was for 10 months. Despite not agreeing with private healthcare, I couldn’t wait that long to see a doctor, so I went to a private consultant for £300. He told me I needed an operation and quoted me £32,000.

I don’t have that kind of money. So I’m back on the NHS waiting list and in the meantime my quality of life has deteriorated along with my pelvic floor. My condition may not be life-threatening, but it is life-altering and there is nothing I can do about it.
Name and address provided

Having recently returned to the UK after living in France, I sympathize with the plight of Nell Frizzell’s mother. The problem is not that no one should pay; The solution is for everyone to pay. In France, people pay for healthcare, which, as a result, is extremely efficient. GP appointments cost between €25 and €50 and are easily available. The state contributes 70%; The patient pays the rest or takes out insurance to cover it.

There is a compulsory health insurance system, financed mainly by taxes; 95% of people also pay for health insurance to cover expenses that exceed the agreed costs. The unemployed, the elderly or the chronically ill do not pay. Why not pay between £8 and £15 to see a doctor in the UK? In addition, French doctors will be happy to order blood tests or CT scans or MRIs (which cost around 200 euros), which are performed by private companies. Once again, the State pays at least 70% of the cost. Why does a private consultation in the UK cost £300 and a private CT scan over £800? Is a gotcha.

Everyone who can should pay something and therefore everyone is going private. What could be more egalitarian than that?
Nick Blakey
marlborough, Wiltshire

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