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2024 has not been good for tesla until now.

Sales of electric vehicles are on the rise. declinewhich led to the company led by Elon Musk laying off 10 percent of his squad on Monday. Now there’s a major problem with Tesla’s newest vehicle, the Cybertruck, which has apparently forced the company to halt production, sales and deliveries.

While Tesla has yet to confirm the issue, some Tesla Cybertruck owners have reported on social media who have experienced a major safety issue where the accelerator pedal gets stuck when pressed.

Tesla customers who had tidy Cybertruck has posted online that its deliveries have been suspended due to a recall or “suspension of sale.”

A well-known Elon Musk fan account on X, which typically reports on Tesla news, also reported that the company has stopped Cybertruck deliveries due to the accelerator problem.

A Cybertruck owner uploaded a video on TikTok to demonstrate what’s happening with the accelerator. It looks like the pedal cover is coming loose and sliding up the pedal. Reportedly, it may then become trapped in a crevice in the floor of the Cybertruck. This problem occurs when the accelerator is pressed all the way, causing the vehicle to accelerate at full throttle, as expressed by the Cybertruck owner in the video. The individual says he was able to stop the vehicle by holding down the brake pedal, which overrides the accelerator pedal, but the Cybertruck would accelerate again immediately if he took his foot off the brake.

Tesla’s long-awaited Cybertruck was first delivered to customers who had reserved the vehicle late last year. However, from the beginning, Cybertruck has been plagued by customer complaints about a variety of issues.

As Tom’s Guide Cybertruck owners have reportedly criticized the car for everything from poor build quality issues to haphazard braking and acceleration.

“My truck has been in service longer than I’ve ever owned it,” said a Cybertruck owner in X who has faced numerous problems with his brand new vehicle.

The Musk fan account mentioned above said the delivery disruption was for seven days, but it’s unclear exactly when Tesla will resume fulfilling Cybertruck deliveries. It’s also unclear what the company is doing about what appears to be a major design flaw in its accelerator pedal, given that such a problem could have fatal consequences.


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