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Sony is preparing for the launch of the Playstation 5 Pro and encourage developers to optimize their games for the new console.

Aiming to overcome the limitations of the original PS5, the PS5 Pro focuses on improved ray tracing performance, which has been a challenge for the base model. The edge informs that the upcoming PS5 Pro will dramatically improve the way games handle ray-traced graphics, aiming for stable frame rates and higher fidelity, in stark contrast to the performance of the current model.

When ray tracing isn’t right, the result can be glitchy or unnatural lighting or reflections, including stutters or low frame rates, which can break the feeling of immersion.

Developers are asked to prepare not only new games but also update existing titles under the “Trinity Enhanced” label, after the console’s codename. This label guarantees gamers enhanced features such as superior ray tracing, higher resolutions, and better overall performance.

According to leaks, the PS5 Pro will boast a significant speed advantage, around 45 percent faster than its predecessor, with enhanced titles supporting better resolution and frame rates. This update reflects the improvement strategy seen in Xbox Series X and Series S games, although Sony’s approach appears to be aimed solely at native PS5 games.

The need for these updates is evident, as even high-profile PS5 games like Dragon Dogma 2 and Final Fantasy 16 They have had performance issues on the original PS5. With the introduction of the PS5 Pro, Sony aims to not only address these issues but also significantly improve the gaming experience, making it an exciting prospect for gamers looking to upgrade.


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