Samsung mocks monitor designed to look good on multiples, jumps into 3D monitors| Trending Viral hub

Glasses-free 3D monitors are still a niche, no matter how hard Acer triesbut manufacturers seem to be taking baby steps, mainly for laptop screens (like Asus announcement from last year). Samsung previewed its own version at CES 2024along with a small preview of The Link, continuing its tradition of awkward product naming “The”, a new general purpose (aka “lifestyle”) monitor designed specifically for use with multiple siblings.

The Link 4K 32-inch prioritizes aesthetics and easy setup, opting for the ultra-slim desktop video wall effect. According to Samsung, the monitors connect to each other via POGO pins, allowing you to daisy chain them from the main connection.


The link


The 3D monitor sounds like it’s for gaming: Samsung says it has eye and head tracking, is compatible with existing VR games and content as well as Steam VR, and the company is working on partnerships with game publishers. Samsung says it can also create 3D effects (presumably for 2D content), but no matter how clever the AI ​​processing is for effects like this, I always find them disappointing or annoying.

Samsung will have more information on both monitors later this year.



In addition to high refresh gaming monitors and panels As previously announced, the company also launched the successor to its 32-inch 4K M70D Smart Monitor, the M80D Smart Monitor. As far as I can tell, only a couple of things have changed: the stand has been redesigned with a new base and now supports HDR10 Plus (instead of HDR10). Hopefully, that also means it uses a new panel and Samsung just didn’t mention it specifically.

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